Care Tips: Leathers

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Cleaning by a professional furniture cleaning service is recommended for all of the codes below. To prevent overall soil, frequent vacuuming or light brushing to remove dirt and grime is also suggested.

Like all items in your house, leather can accumulate dust. Lightly dampen a soft cloth with Leather Master Soft Cleaner and dust weekly. You may also use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum. With leather, you can fully remove dust particles from the surface, making it ideal for dust sensitive persons.

All leathers perform better when preventative maintenance is practiced. For Aniline & Protected leathers, apply Leather Master Protection Cream to the surface of the leather to help resist staining and prevent overall soiling. Pay particular attention to protect high use areas like seats, arms, and backs.

As a general rule, fully clean your furniture with Leather Master Soft cleaner at least every six months to remove dirt as well as the gradual accumulation of body oils and perspiration. Aniline leathers are very absorbent and may require more frequent cleaning when used in high use areas like a TV room. After cleaning, reapply Protection Cream to the leather to renew the protection level.

Never use harsh chemicals or cleaning agents on your leather furniture. Avoid all products containing solvents or oils, as they will negatively effect the surface of the leather.

Leather: (Due to leather being a natural resource, it may have scars or imperfections; however, there will be no open scars or holes.)

Branding Marks

Healed Scar


Natural Wrinkles
Hand or Comfort: Excellent
Natural Markings: Visible
Color: Shading is normal
Cleanability: Moderate
Resistance to Fading: Low
*It's best to avoid direct sunlight. This is the most natural type of all leather. It does not have a protective coating nor any treatments that alter the natural feel of the hide. This type gives it the most buttery texture and silken feel of all the leather types, however, is less resistant to the elements. Aniline is best used on accent pieces that expect only light to moderate use.
Hand or Comfort: Excellent
Natural Markings: Slightly Visible
Color: Shading is normal
Cleanability: Moderate
Resistance to Fading: Low
*More durable than Aniline with a light surface coating. This type of leather is the ideal choice for regular use in households.
Hand or Comfort: Moderate
Natural Markings: Hidden
Color: Uniform
Cleanability: Excellent
Resistance to Fading: High
*This type of leather is the least natural and dyed all the way through the hide, but the surface is coated with a heavy protective topcoat that has color added. This leather is usually buffed or sanded to remove imperfections in the hide and then embossed with an artificial grain. The color and texture tend to be flatter, but it is also the most consistent in color, durability and cleanability. This leather is the ideal choice for high-energy family rooms.
Hand or Comfort: Excellent
Natural Markings: Varies
Color: Shading is normal
Cleanability: Low to Moderate
Resistance to Fading: Low
*This leather has been tanned and conditioned ranging from embossed leathers to hair on hide. It is not protected and each hide is different in shading and coloring variations due to "natural" coloring. This should be used as a statement of luxury and a truly unique piece. It would be great in accent areas such as ottomans, benches, borders, outside arms and outbacks.
Regular use of Leather Master Protection Products will extend the usable life of your leather.

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